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Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services

Are you looking for enterprise cloud solutions?  Take a look at Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services. I spoke about cloud performance at OOW 2016 and it was really impressive with local NVMe storage available to handle large I/O intensive workloads. Besides bare metal machines, you can also launch VMs and and databases. The Bare Metal … Continue reading

Oracle GoldenGate : DB2 to Oracle

This article will demonstrate heterogeneous replication using OGG from DB2 to Oracle. 1. Pre-requisites OGG is installed on source and target systems. 2. Environment DB2 on Mainfram Z/OS Oracle Database : 3. Configuration on Source Server ( DB2 ) A. Parameter Files Place all parameter files in the $GG_HOME/dirprm directory.   Extract Capture   … Continue reading

GoldenGate 12 – Classic, Coordinated and Integrated Replicat

I. New Replicat Modes Availalble in GolgenGate 12.1 Prior to the release of version 12.1, the replicat applied transactions to the target database serially.  To achieve parallelism, tables could be split across multiple replicats to get data applied quicker and reduce lag.  Drawbacks to this approach was the manual configuration of multiple replicats, trail files, … Continue reading

GoldenGate Process Memory Usage

From the GG Installation documentation: Each Extract and Replicat process needs approximately 25-55 MB of memory, or more depending on the size of the transactions and the number of concurrent transactions. So let’s see some example of how much memory is being used. I wrote a short script to show the memory usage by using … Continue reading