Posted in January 2013

IE9 Certificate Error When Trying to Connect to OEM

When trying to access OEM, the following certificate error is displayed in IE9, and clicking on “Continue to this website” does not do anything. One possible cause of this error is a result of installing Windows update KB 2661254 . To get by this error, run a command prompt as administrator and execute the command shown … Continue reading

Oracle GoldenGate Installation

Introduction This document describes how to Install GoldenGate for one way replication with sequence and DDL support. Environment Source Database Server Server Enterprise Linux Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Carthage) Database version is Hostname is server1 Target Database Server Server Solaris 5.11 Database version is Hostname is server2 GoldenGate Software Downloads Based … Continue reading

GoldenGate Integrated Capture

What is Integrated Capture Instead of reading from the redo/archive logs, the Oracle GoldenGate Extract process interacts directly with a database logmining server to receive data changes in the form of logical change records (LCR). Benefits Some of the benefits of Integrated Capture are : supports more data and storage types as compared to classic … Continue reading